Your experience with Drobo V2 and FW on Win7?

I’ve searched the archives looking for people’s experience with Win7 and DroboV2 on FW800. Most discussions (including the generic performance threads) are Macs or people coming here with specific problems so not much help in the archives.

My experience with FW400 and Drobo is not good but it’s been very limited testing. Mostly on an XP laptop or two and FW400. Now I have the Drobo on a desktop machine running Win7 with a Gigabyte P45 Mobo and have the qability to add a card, probably the recommenjded SIIG card if I do it but I’m open to suggestions.

My asessment, having read the forum (and it’s predecessor) over the past 18 months is that FW is problematic and unreliable and the performance benefits are very modest. I’ve had 18 months of troublefree use with USB2 but I would like to see better throughput, especially with large file and bulk copies.

So… if you have experience with Win7 and Drobo V2 on FW800 please let me know the following:

  1. Your REAL WORLD performance on FW800, vs USB if possible. I’m not interested in HDtune tests so much as real world read and write performance.

  2. Any reliability issues, especially any blue screens, system hangs, corrupted or lost files, volumes or entire arrays.


i cant tell you about the v2, but i had my pro on FW800 for a while

short version: it was a nightmare

i tried two differnet FW800 cards, err, a belkin one, and i forget the other,

on win 7 x64

with both all three generic/belkin/unibrain drivers, nothing but a pain, no specific corruption other than minor stuff caused by the fact it was very very keen to bluescreen (with any of the drivers!)!

also, in real world, with my drobopro, i couldn’t see a difference between FW800 and USB (yes, i checked it was in 800 mode)

plus, if memory serves me right, the v2 doenst usually saturate USB2,so you wouldnt see any performance benefit from it (other than maybe marginally lower desktop CPU consumption but cycles are cheap), so unless you have a specific reason for needed FW, i dont think it offers any benefits, and the headache are most definitely not worth it.

Thanks for the input, Chris. I could not find your thread, though.

Hopefully we will get some V2 comments although it would not surprise me if they are along the same lines.