"You need permission from Everyone to delete this file."

I keep seeing this error message when trying to delete files inside a folder called “Downloads” on my Drobo 5N via Windows Explorer on Win10. I also cannot create new folders or files inside this folder from inside Windows. I’ve tried changing the Windows permissions for the item and taking ownership and all that to no avail. I checked the share settings via Dashboard and they are set to Read/Write for the group “Everyone”. I have Dropbear installed but was unable to SSH into the Drobo using the Administrator password and login, or a user password and login created just for that purpose (using the share settings window). If I FTP into the drobo using either the administrator or temporary login, I cannot create a file in this folder. But I do run the Transmission app on the Drobo, and that can still create and place files in the directory.

What is going on here? How can I delete these files? Why can’t I SSH into the device? I started having this problem after updating the firmware a few days ago and then the Drobo saying it had gone into “data protection mode”. This isn’t the first time I’ve had trouble after updating the firmware and I’m beginning to think that ever updating it at all is a terrible idea. I found some people saying they had a similar problem and that the only workaround was to duplicate the share and then delete the original share. That seems rather drastic.