you can't boot from 5D via Thunderbold or USB3

I got my new 5D installed my disk pack from the Drobo S on it.
All OK.

I had 3 partitions on it. One of them had a bootable clone from my Mac.

A you know what: YOU CANNOT BOOT FROM THE 5D. Coonected via Thunderbolt or USB does not make any difference. It is not found when booting and holding the alt key!!!

I even RESET the Drobo, restarted from scratch with only ONE HFS partition. Cloned my Mac with Superduper and CarbonCopy and tried to boot: same thing!!!


That is most definitely disturbing. I see no reason it shouldn’t identify itself as a plain mass storage device for the purposes of booting.

It’s official, got this from Tier3 support:

“I checked with development and found we do not yet support booting via TB. So in other words it is a feature that we did not plan to have on release.
We have no ETA (timeframe) when it will be supported.”

And this:
“Booting from the unit is not a advertised “feature” of any of our Drobo’s to date. Drobo Dashboard last time I tried it did not work correctly (as it’s running from the device it’s working with).”

GREAT!!! ++

P.S: I also found out that it doesn’t boot via USB!!! Which is even better!


Great. That means it’s non-conforming to both the Thunderbolt and USB spec if it can’t be used as a boot device.

I wonder what other interesting ways we are going to discover its non-standard?

They released it again with buggy firnwares. Same procedure as usual.

I asked about this months before the launch. Victoria responded to my blog post on this and they did answer this up front in said post some time ago. I had to part with the idea early on.

After a lot of testing I can say that it does not boot from Thunderbolt (confirmed by them), does not boot from usb3 (new Macs have this) but does boot from usb2.

It is either a hardware issue or a firmware one, the latter hopefully fixed soon, the former would really be an issue.

hi manfred thats good to know it can boot from usb2
(maybe a good idea to edit your initial post subject line a little to help make it clearer)?

i havent tried using any of my drobo’s for booting, only to boot using an acronis disc which then recognises the drobo, but yes hopefully its just a case of a future firmware to expand more booting options.

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It also won’t mount via ThunderBolt if you don’t have the driver (ie Drobo Dashboard) installed.

It will mount via USB, but with a generic icon (when I tested, I believe I tested USB2, so not sure if it will mount USB3 without a driver)

I have no problem with my 5D mounting without Dashboard installed.

I connect it to my MBP from time to time to do updates to the Aperture libraries