YOIKS web-based Drobo sharing and Simple install

hi guys, i just saw this… is it too good to be true?

(pasted from the site)
“Love your Drobo Share so much you hate to leave home without it? Well with Yoics, never worry about that again. With Yoics, you can access your Drobo from any web browser, even the one on your iPhone. Wanna give it a try? Download the beta version for free now.”

the page even says this…
“Once you’ve downloaded Yoics for Drobo, just copy it into the DroboApps share and reboot. That’s it, Yoics is installed”

if that is the case, MAN that is what im talking about… none of this convoluted setups for apps and installed… just drop it and go (if that is the case) :slight_smile:

has anyone tried it?

hmmm that web page is a year old :([hr]
but its listed on the official drobo site so must have worked?
interesting… i thought this might be the app to make me whip out the droboshare…
but… according fo the admin of yoiks…

“Unfortunately to get remote access to your drobo via Yoics, you’ll need to either get a DroboShare – or connect your Drobo to either a Mac or PC with Yoics running on it.”

that sounds like no need for droboshare after all :slight_smile: