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one) How To Remove Your Affiliates Clickbank Id From The URL.As a merchant, you can hide the clickbank affiliate id for your affiliates by making a redirect web page and pointing your default hoplink to the redirect. When some uses your hoplink, the cookie will be established and they will land on your redirect page. The redirect will send them to your domain with out adding the ?hop= info. The cookie is currently established and does not require to be proven. This will help protect your affiliates fee and give your website a much more expert appearance. In the code examples below, you will require to replace [ and ] with much less then and higher then symbols. Create a file called hoplink.php Include the subsequent code [?php header(“Place:”) exit ?] Upload hoplink.php to the root of your domain.Login into your clickbank account.Click on to view or modify your account options.Click to modify your account. Below Company Info, change the url of your web site to マークバイマークジェイコブスclassic q baby groovee be on conserve changes.Now when a customer clicks on a hoplink, it appears that they arrived straight to your site and the affiliate’s id is no longer uncovered. For トリーバーチ ナイロントートバッグ this technique to be totally effective, the affiliate requirements to cloak the hoplink as well.two) How to Cloak Your Clickbank Vendor Id Utilizing PHP Most clickbank affiliate theft is brought on by the reality that is simple to rebuild a hoplink and get credit score for your personal purchase. All you really require to know is the vendor id.All you have to do is appear at the supply code of a common revenue link and you will see the seller id.For example: rebuild the hoplink you merely use http://hop.clickbank.internet/?AffiliatesId/YourVendorIdNow when you click マークバイマークジェイコブストート on the hoplink and the authentic affiliate has lost a sale.As you can see, with out knowing the seller id, you can not effectively rebuild the hoplink and the affiliates sale would be protected.Beneath is an example of how to do this in PHP.You will need to replace [ and ] with much less then and greater then symbols. Produce a file called order.php Include ポールスミス ベルト the following code [?php header(“Location: http://www.clickbank.internet/promote.cgi?YourVendorId/one/Product_Description”) exit ?] Just change YourVendorID with your Clickbank ID Change 1 with your item quantity Replace Item_Description with your Product Description Add purchase.php into the exact same folder as your revenue web page.Now hyperlink to purchase.php rather of using the uncooked purchase link and your Vendor ID is never uncovered This will make it extremely hard for affiliate marketers to rob other affiliate marketers of their commissions.I inspire you to make these easy modifications to shield the commissions of your affiliate marketers.Copyright 2004 John Hocking

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