There goes my budget for the rest of the year… hehe

Same! It’ll taken me from 20tb raw to 30tb :slight_smile:


and they are getting closer:


and it get better

“This 3TB drive is based on a 4-platter - yes 4-platter - Caviar Green product, so it has 750GB per platter.”


I’m happy because this will bring the cost of 2TB drives down further. I’ll wait out the 3TB for 4TB.

they could be another 18 months away, i’ll probably have run out of space on my 3tb’s by the time the 4’s come out!

By then the 4TB could be a flash/hard drive hybrid like the Seagate XT. Fast and by 18 months the bugs should be worked out (cough cough).

I doubt the “intelligent” algorithm they use would work at all in a RAID system[hr]
But on that note I wonder how long before we see drobos/NAS with 4 slots for storage drives and a dedicated 5th slot for a flash drive to use as cache. (or just have a 32gb mlc flash drive built into the motherboard fir cache)

If they add an MLC flash expect the price to double on the entry level Drobo F. </snark off>

So you are saying that current firmwares are incompatible with 3TB drives?

When can we expect a firmware update to handle these new drives? In time for the WD launch?

Once the larger drives become available, Data Robotics will release a firmware update to support the larger drives on your Drobo. When the firmware update is available it will be posted in the “Software Updates” page of our website.