Yellow Lights of Death

Hi there,

Pretty sure she’s given up the ghost but wanted to check here first.

5D Drobo with all yellow lights including the front power light. Rear power light on the power switch off. Will not boot or go beyond all yellow lights. Happen to have another 5D, pulled all the drives and installed the ones from the failed Drobo. Data was there and all is good, making a local backup now (had one off site).

Is there anything I should try before sending it off to the recycle center? Mac sees it in “System Information”, but Drobo Dashboard does not at all.

Cheers and thanks.

Finish you back up first, then:
Swap over the power supply from your other 5D and re-check?

Actually, that was the first thing I did. No joy.

Ok. Strange one, but some users swear by direct power connection from a wall socket (not a power board), if this is your setup.

Lastly there is this:

OK. I’m not sure If I can make this happen but I’ll try. You seem to think this is a power issue? Is there a way to send it in for repair?

From the details you gave, power stability was my line of enquiry.
Anyway hard for me to answer where you can get it serviced, if at all.
If you are going to ditch it, perhaps its worth finding a local hobbyist who might enjoy the challenge?