Yellow Desktop Drobo Icon & Drobo Not found in Dashboard

Dashboard is not finding my Drobo unit. The Desktop Drobo Icon is Yellow instead of Black.

Using 24" Apple iMac with 2nd Gen. Drobo 4-Bay unit and Dashboard 2.6.4.

This unit has been in service as-is for some time but I recently had a “failed drive”, replaced it, then was told to put the failed drive back in and I now have four solid green lights on the right side of the unit. Not sure why it showed as “failed”.

When I tell the iMac Time Machine to back up the computer to the Drobo, it does so.
When I open the desktop icon for the Drobo, the backup is there.



Welcome to the club…

Thanks for the feedback. I uninstalled 2.6.4 Dashboard and installed version 2.6.3 and that solved the problem.

The older dashboard can be found here (supplied by Drobo):