Yellow and Green flashing Lights - Any Ideas?


I got to my computer today and one of the drives was red. This has never happened to me before. Naturally I freaked! I opened up Drobo Dashboard on my computer and there was an update that needed to be done. So I did it. This forced a reboot of Drobo and it started flashing green and orange. I tried to shut down Drobo, restart computer and see what would happen. Still flashing orange and green. I googled and found that Drobo may be trying to save data and do not touch. Then I found some instances where this took 30 hours or more with no resolution. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. I know you hear it all the time, but WOW I need those files :slight_smile:

Product Drobo 5D
Firmware Version Not Sure
Software Version 2.6.3
Operating System Mac OS 10.10.5
Connection Thunderbolt

Thank you for any and all help you can give - I’d be eternally grateful!


You can still access the files while the rebuild happens. Just don’t pull any drives while it’s doing it.

THANK YOU! I ended up rebooting my computer, disconnecting the thunderbolt and it did mount. I was sweating because it wasn’t mounting while flashing! So I’m alright to edit files on the drive while it’s in a rebuild?

Thanks SO MUCH!


Look inside the detachable front cover - the status indicator lights are explained there. Did you replace the failed disk?

My gen 2 is doing the same thing but it builds fairly quickly. One drive made a clonking noise but the red light didn’t come on to say which drive it is that’s failed. After its built, the Drobo disappears off the desktop. I can pull stuff off it but I can’t write to it.
How can I tell which drive is failing?

hi trish,
drives making clonking noises are not usually good, so now is probably a good time to make some backups of your data (if you have not already tried that)

one thing to check, would be to see if you are sure that it wasnt one of the normal noises that a drive makes when it wakes up after spinning down?

what you could do, is to try and use dashboard to safely shutdown the drobo, and then to power all off and wait a few minutes.

and then to power up the drobo (which should boot up with blue led sequence and then go into standby mode with an orange light on the power led)
and then to boot up the computer and dashboard.
(the gen2 should wake up again shortly after, and then if you look at the lights on the drobo once it wakes up and stabilises, what do they show, and what does dashboard now show for those drive bay slots?)

Sorry Dear, but i have no Ideas about Yellow and Green Flashing Lights. Sorry again…