I recently created so I could access my data remotely via a browser. I thought I was giving myself access through my router and opening a port as I did…Am I to assume that all my data is being stored on some server via drobo? I dont understand how I can set it up and access my data by Can anyone help me…thx so much!

So, MyDrobo pretty much acts as a Dynamic DNS service for your Drobo, which then serves up your files using DroboAccess. You are accessing your files on your Drobo, MyDrobo/DroboAccess are just allowing you secure access to them. I’ve accomplished something similar (on my old DroboFS) by using some port forwarding and SMB, but it didn’t quite feel secure enough. Then again, the technology stack behind MyDrobo/DroboAccess is so old that I don’t know if it’s secure anymore, either.

If you want to read up on it, there’s some info in the user manual linked here:

I hope that helps!



This is great info and I really appreciate it!! Now I know!!
Thx brother!