XP & the 2 Terrabyte Limit

Hi guys.

When I create shares on the FS from the Dashboard on XP will there be any (at all) limit on the size of a share?

Do I even need to choose a size?

Can the size be changed later?


No - Windows does not care how big a Network Share is.

Thanks for the headsup.

THis probably won’t help. I don’t have a Drobo FS.
When I used XP, I wasn’t able to configure the my DroboFW any bigger than 2TB. I think all other options were greyed out. I couldn’t configure as 4TB,8TB, 16TB until I installed Vista. I cannot say if the DroboFS is set the same way, but I believe that Windows XP is the limiting factor, not the Drobo.

But it’s what ajspencer said, Windows XP does not care what size NETWORKED drives are. It can mount any size network drive. It’s directly attached volumes that can’t be larger than 2TB.

The FS automatically formats the size of the volume. You will not be prompted to format to a size or even to format.