Xbox 360

Can you store Xbox 360 games on the FS and play them from there?

No, you can’t.

This is something locked by Microsoft, not really “drobo” just wanted to make sure you knew. You cannot technically play ANY game from a full HDD xbox unless modded. Also you still need a disc to load each game in to even start it. The max external MS will support I believe is what 32GB right now?

Well let’s say it’s a modded xbox, original of course with a 250 gb hard drive. I already several games stored on that hard drive and can successfully play them from there.

Just figured the FS holds more so could house the games there.

Don’t know if the 360’s internal drive is SATA or PATA, but if it’s SATA and you were sufficiently brave you could essentially replace the 360’s drive with a Drobo S - assuming the 360’s firmware doesn’t check for a specific drive.

That would be money! In both senses of something “being money” heh. :slight_smile:

I hear mod-ed (softmod or hardmod) Wiis can use USB storage.

Well I still have warranty on the 360 so that will not be modded. Don’t care about the original xbox. Not when you can pick them for 30 bucks at a pawn shop or gaming store. LOL

Don’t have a Wii yet.

Of course it would be nice to just store all games for any system on the FS and just play them from there. Then not have to worry about disks laying around, getting finger-printed by the kids. And just having the lazy ability to change games while still sitting on the couch.

The roadblock is the 360’s (lack of) ability to mount and access the FS’s share.
It’d be convenient tho. It’s a pain switching discs - especially when people don’t put the correct disc back in the corresponding case… >:E

So the Xbox has no problems seeing the FS but the 360 won’t be able to see it?

(Currently don’t have the 360 on my network, just the original xbox.)

Regular Xbox wouldn’t be able to load games from a share either, tho I think XBMC can load videos from a share.

Mainly it’s due to the fact that direct disk-based access is handled differently from network share access.

Somewhere I have a modded Xbox that have games loaded on (games that I own and have the discs for, of course). I had to re-solder the power connections on the motherboard a while back, but it was still going last time I checked.

If there are mkv files on the FS can I see them via the Xbox 360 on my TV?

NVM, I found my own answer. I should learn to google more often. LOL

(Using the XBox 360 as my media server is new to me.)