WTF is Tech Support on my RMA request

I have been waiting for over 1 week for a RMA request to be approved. No one has replied to my ticket, there is no phone number to call, and my unit is covered still. So what the hell is taking them so long to do anything ;… ?? horrible ,

Drobo tech support has always be dismal.

Its unacceptable. Is there any other way to contact them other than this horrible ticketing system.
How long is this going to take? its been over a week already…

If your ticket was confirmed via an email, you should reply back to ensure your ticket remains valid.
I received a comment from Drobo Support in an earlier ticket that stated:

“NOTE: Support Cases are automatically closed if we do not hear from you for 7 days.”

You should therefore reactivate it by responding if you have not heard back from Drobo Support after a week has gone by.

Unacceptable is right.
Going thru the RMA process right now and they expect me to PayPal $349 to them even before producing a RMA.

This smells like a scam and I will not do it. Drobo customer care is horrid.