Wrong Volume Size?

I’m just wondering if I’m misunderstanding how Drobo works with Windows (iscsi).

Basically whats going on is I have 5 2TB drives in dual redundancy and my total storage amount is 5.4 TB. Windows see’s the full 16 TB that was reccomended for me to create as the Volume Size, however it would be nice if it showed the actual 5.4 TB I had available to work with.

The reason for this is if I create a share that multipul people will be using…how do they track the available storage? I dont want someone tryin to dump a couple hundred gig file on a share that can’t hold it…but it looks like it can.

Is there anyway to make windows see the real volume size instead of the max?


and if it does get close to being full - it just gets progressively slower - it will never run out of space, it will slow down so much you can never hit the buffers

Drobo uses Thin Provisioning. This lets you add capacity by adding or replacing hard disks without having to reformat or grow partitions from Windows. The downside is that your Operating System will show the volume size it is formatted to - in your case 16TB. The real size is displayed in the Dashboard application and on the indicator lights on the front.

What you can do is create multiple volumes on the DroboPro. You can keep the 16TB volume for yourself and create other volumes to share out - if the shared one is only 2TB for example then other users can’t use up more than 2TB even if the DroboPro has more free space.

These articles have some info on doing this using the Drobo Dashboard.

Thanks! This is a good suggestion.