Wrong Folder Creation Date

My Drobo shows the wrong folder date. I created a folder on my Windows 7 laptop today. It shows the “date modifed” as 5/12/2010 (which is correct). When I moved that folder over to the Drobo the “date modified” shows 12/31/2019.

I’m also having an issue where I can’t delete some folders. I look at the rights and “Everyone”, “Root” and “Account Unknown” are there. None seem to have any rights. Not sure if that’s the way its supposed to be on the Drobo, but it certainly shouldn’t be that way on a Windows PC.

Please help.

Have you run chkdsk on your volume?

Well I have it running through a DroboShare. How would I do that? Just run it for the mapped drive?

Oh you never mentioned a DroboShare. Then that’s a whole different story.

DroboShare uses the following sequence of timestamp sources:

DroboShare uses NTP (Network Time Protocol) to initiate the real-time clock in DroboShare. Most ISPs support NTP.

If an ISP does not support NTP, then DroboShare uses the time from Drobo Dashboard, which gets the time from your computer.

If DroboShare is using an incorrect date and time, possible causes include:

The active ISP does not support NTP and no Drobo Dashboard is installed
DroboShare’s RTC (Real Time Clock) is defective
DroboShare needs a reset
Reseting DroboShare can sometimes correct the timestamp.

DroboShare can occasionally generate increased network activity when trying to sync its clock by accessing port 123 (the UDP/NTP port).


That was it! I reset the DroboShare and am now been able to create folders with the right dates. I can delete them to! I’ll just have to recreate those folders who’s dates are incorrect. Sorry I failed to mention that it was on a DroboShare. I thought it had to do with the file system.

Thanks for your help!!!