Write Verify and Acoustic Management on new HDDs

My drives should arrive today to install into my Drobo…

Almost all new HDDs have write-verify turned ON for the first 5-10 power-ups.
Write-verify enabled impacts write performance negatively, so for performance it’s recommended to turn it off.

Does Drobo turn off Write Verify on its own, or should I manually turn it off using the manufacturer’s utility?

Also, should I make any changes to the Acoustic Management on the drives?
I’m thinking I should leave it be, but defer to the wisdom of fellow Drobo-ers (Drobites?)

to my knowledge no one has ever mentioned either of these “features” of drives, everyone seems too busy fretting over TLERs.

i dont think drobo would need write verify, as , at least the pro, does background data scrubbing so can rebuild.

i guess the acoustic management is probably personal preference

This is page applies to older drives, and I can’t find reference on Seagate’s site so perhaps write-verify is no longer enabled or controllable…

BTW What’s TLERs?