Would the following solution to save data work?

I have a drobo that currently wont mount and i am unable to recover the 2.5TB of data i have on it because its currently spread over 5 drives. I had a drive fail a few days ago whilst it wasnt mounting and it immediately kicked into protect data mode and spent 10 hours shifting my data onto the 4 remaining drives. If this is the case, could i therefore keep removing drives one at a time (letting it protect by moving to the remaining drives one at a time) until the data is all on a single drive? Then i assume it will be easy to recover my data as it will all be in one place. Is that how it would work?

Assuming all you data could physically fit onto a single drive, you would not be able read it outside of a Drobo since the formatting is proprietary.

Would that still be true if i used a linux distro?