WORST Support Ever - Beware Drobo is not there for you!

I have is a Drobo S. It is “currently out of support”.

I am having problems with it and Drobo support will not even help me trouble shoot the problem!!! WTF!!!

If the unit is malfunctioning and I need to replace the enclosure. I would gladly purchase a new one.

If it is one of my drives then a new enclosure would leave me in the same place I am now.

I have loved my drobo, but now I am screwed.

Time to find another option than Drobo.


Yep. I don’t know what happened. They used to be a super company and great to clients. I have 8 units not to mention the ones I had in the past I got rid off. I am in the process of trying to recover 2tb or irreplaceable images and I am loosing my mind.

Your best chance of getting help is to ask for it here, from the community but if you don’t tell us what the problem is we can’t even begin to help. Having a good rant sure makes you feel better though.

Hello rmills,
I was able to find your case. Support will be reaching out to you.

We do apologize for your frustrating experience.


Too late, me thinks.

fingers crossed we get a happier rmills again as i remember some of his previous posts about the drobos had a problem and posted back that support fixed it for him.