Wordpress Backend not working properly


I have a Drobo 5N and was so excited when I found out that the myDrobo framework for Drobo5N was available. I already was dreaming of my own self hosted easy cloud services with full encryption.

So I was installing mydrobo and drobo access which is working well. Not fast, but it does what it is supposed to do. So yippee there goes my old dropbox account. Having secure access to my own NAS over the internet is a great thing and as I had expected it was plain and simple to install.

After this first success I was eager to try the rest of the new myDrobo Apps.
So I installed Wordpress to create our own self hosted family blog.

Unfortunately the Wordpress App does not seam to work correct. The only way I can configure the backend is with an old Internet Explorer 11. All modern browsers don’t show the interface correctly. From what I could see in console mode in Safari there is an issue with scripts that are blocked due to missing Content security policy configurations.
I am not a web admin and thought that wordpress would relief me from going into html or php.

Bringing my issue up in a support ticket did unfortunately not resolve the issue.

Long story short, I think my question is, is there anyone out there that has a working instance of wordpress running on a 5N that can be configured with a modern browser?
If so, what additional configuration is necessary to get wordpress up and running, because the plain installation from within the droboapp GUI does not seam to do the trick.

Thanks in advance for any hints

I’m sorry to hear that. The whole goal of the Wordpress DroboApp was to make it as easy as install-and-go.

That is somewhat surprising to me. Would you mind sending me a PM with the details of you contact with support? I’ll try to see what happened with your support request.

Yep, I personally know of several people that run Wordpress just fine from their Drobo. I wonder if there is something specific about your setup.

That is valuable input, thanks. That narrows the problem down quite a bit, but it does not really explain why it is happening. What I can tell you is that the policies were setup in that way to try to improve the security of Wordpress. In a normal scenario they should not hinder any Wordpress functionality, while at the same time blocking patterns that are usually associated with hacker attacks.

Since you seem to be fairly well-versed in the technical aspects of your computer, would you mind sharing the following information:

  • Are you running any browser plugins that could be blocking or applying additional content policies? If so, which ones?
  • Which versions of the Drobo software are you running? Both Dashboard and Drobo firmware.
  • Which OS and version?

Hi ricardo,

thanks for your reply.
Good to hear that it is running on other Drobos, that raises hope that my issue can be resolved.

I am not running any awkward plugins and the issue is exactly the same in current versions of safari and firefox on mac as well as edge and firefox on win10.

It looks like all or most scripts can not be executed, see errors in console and missing javascript message in the wordpress News widget in the screenshot.

The only browser that I could use to do anything in the backend is IE11 under windows. not really an option.

I am running macOS Sierra and Win10 on a iMac27’’ Late 2015.
Drobo Firmware is 3.5.11 [8.90.81921]
Drobo Dashboard is 2.8.3 [83912]

I have already uninstalled and reinstalled all running drobo apps without any change of the situation. No updates are available in the drobo dashboard.

This is all on a blank new wordpress installation without any modifications from my side.

Thank you for your assistance

Hello all,

I to have issues running wordpress. I created a site a while right off my Drobo which worked very well and with ease. After several Drobo updates as well as wordpress updates I’m not longer able to access my site. Initially I though the problem was on my end but after looking at my logs etc I was clean. I then decided to uninstall the wordpress app from my drobo then rebooted the drobo unit and installed the Wordpress app.

The app gets installed with no error but when I try to access the site all I get is Page Cannot Be Displayed.

Iv gone through this process many times both the easy was and via shell commands with no change.

Currently Im running 3.5.12 [8.96.86249] latest version dashboard and latest version for Word press. I’m trying to access the site from a Windows 10 machine using the latest version of Firefox, I.E., Chrome etc. No luck

Any help with this would be great and much appreciated.



Are you sure mysql is running? Without it wordpress does not work.

MySQL is in fact running. My wordpress when installed from the dashboard does not even create a wordpress folder. If I drop the latest wordpress .zip into the drobo Apps dir and then reboot my drobo, wordpress still does not install. I created the directory manually and it seems fine and when I click configure from the drobo dashboard I prompted with the initial screen but when I select SETUP I get the page cannot be displayed.