Wont Power On

I think i know where this will go but…

Got a new Drobo FS, installed the dashboard on a laptop, gave the machine a static IP, installed the dashboard on my pc and then plugged the drobo into the network.

The dashboard asked for drives so i put in three 2tb western digital drives (4k sector drives - which drobo support assured me were good to go with the firmware out of the box) and then it formatted or whatever for about twenty minutes.

After that it said you were good to go - well i went into dashboard and powered off the unit so i could run the network cable behind some other things and now the unit wont turn on.

The toggle button toggles but no lights come on. Tried the reset thing with the little pin hole but that probably wont work since the unit isn’t powering at all…

I’ve lodged a question with support but I assume the unit is dead… :frowning:

Pull the drives out and try to turn it on again. Does that work?

Tried that. Tested the AC adaptor and it is outputting 12v so the fault has to be inside the drobo :frowning:

Just wondered if the forum would say something like “mine did that - all you have to do is…” but i think i know the answer…

Open a support case please.

Done that - also the local distributer (KAYALL) were really helpful but I still have to ship it back to them.

Such is life!

@charlesdyer, what ever happened of this… our Drobo S is doing the same… I just submitted a support ticket…

I’m experiencing the same thing as well. How did this end up getting resolved?