Won't Mount nor Dashboard detect BUT just stays ON

Ok I have no idea what the Drobo is doing, but I just turned it on (main power but no USB connecting to it). To find it power up and show 3 green lights and one orange light. And just stay there… Its been like that for the whole night now. And now when I connect the USB to my computer, it doesn’t even register the drives… and dashboard doesn’t detect the Drobo =/

Its been at 3 green lights and one orange light for a month now because I’m running out of space BUT the dashboard said the files were still protected.

But now the Drobo doesn’t want to turn off by itself (taking USB off manually), nor even show me my files.

What do I do???

Ok I just checked again after manually taking off the USB. The HDD Activity Light is ON, as in its not flickering, its just ON.
Maybe that gives more info.

So I decided to power it off and take out the hard drive to see if the Drobo was at fault.

Took out the 4 HDD (4 x 1TB) and then powered it back on again.
Immediately the Drobo Dashboard came on and told me to add a hard drive. Ok cool I figure.

So I power it down and add the hard drives again in the same order.
Nop, same problem as before, 1 orange and 3 green lights and its constantly ON.
But I noticed during the start up the Power Light flashed ON and OFF before it went to 1 orange and 3 green.

And pluggin the USB cable doesn’t detect those drives nor does the Dashboard detect the Drobo =/[hr]

OK seriously… so annoying -.-

I decided to power off and swap the first two disks around just to see.
and now it works!

Why did this happen for? I’m cleaning out space now (to get less than 85% used) since I’m absolutely paranoid about loosing more than 2.7TB of data…

Sounds like the drobo or the drives in the drobo were hung.

So it happened again. This time I didn’t use the Drobo for a whole week. Swapping first two disks fixed it.

What exactly is hung disks?

i suspect you may have a dodgy disk or a dodgy connection.

really your only way forward is to open a support case and mail them your log files (right click on the dashboard icon and get he diagnostics) and they will tell you why it isnt finishing booting

Exactly, please open a support case.