Won't Bootup

I’ll more than likely have to end up opening a support ticket for this but I can’t do it till Monday anyway so maybe I can get some help here.

Just the basics, I lost power one evening and wasn’t around. The UPS ran out of juice at some point and the DroboPro probably did not shut down properly.

Now it no longer responds to the power switch. As soon as I plug the power cord in, it turns on and appears to boot but only the power light is on and one blue capacity light on the very bottom.

At this point, I pulled all the drives out and do the same thing. If I do that, the 4th blue capacity light from the bottom gets lit and nothing happens.

It is not being detected by Drobo Dashboard right now even via usb.

Please open a support case.

I have a similar problem, only with no drives in the device no longer boots, just all lights on it light up and it sits there. I have submitted a support request.