Wny cant my Mac's DroboDashboard see my DroboFS?

I have a home network on a Linksys 610N router, DroboFS, Windows 7 server, and a Macbook Pro laptop.

When I log into my Windows 7 server and start up DD, it sees the DroboFS and I am able to log in and make changes. Windows 7 can mount the volumes, etc.

If I turn on the MacBook Pro, either runing DD 1.6.8 or 1.7.1, DD just sits there waiting. If I got to Finder - Go - Connect To Server - I see the drobo and am able to mount it and access my files.

What am I missing? The only difference is that my Windows7 is connecting to the Drobo via gigabit ethernet, where my MacBook Pro is connected via wireless.


Nevermind. It looks to be an issue with my MacBook Pro’s firewall settings. I’ll have to get with my company’s security team to see if I can get any changes made on it.


Also, dashboard 1.6.8 will not see the FS.

Also make sure both computers are on the same subnet.

How can I download 1.7.1 for OSX? The CD that came with my Drobo FS is unreadable by my Mac. Also since Drobo Dashboard can’t see my FS I can’t do the automatic update through the dashboard.

Please open a support case to get the link for dashboard 1.7.1.