with Ubuntu 10.10


i might be the only one to have a drobo fs, using it mainly with linux. (ubuntu 10.10)

i had a lot of disappointement when i first tryed to make it work. it work right out of the box, but tools to configure it, not really. You have to run the Drobo Dashboard on a virtual machine.

I didn’t want to use the windows share, because of the filenames limitations, so i’m using it with the uNFS app.

the big problem is the lack of support for NFS, and the lack of tools for the drobo under linux.

People have to know that NFS works fine, as long as your drobo still awake. never use the “sleep” option, or your data would be corrupted. Transfert rate are near 20 to 30 Mbit/s for big files, wich i heard, are normal. (it’s my first NAS)

With the lack of Drobo Dashboard, you have to be carrefull to not going further your disk. Also, you can’t even reboot it, or halt it without going to the virtual machine, or manually turn it off. Another point is that uNFS is no longer maintained since years, so i hope… one day… NFS will be in the firmware of the Drobo.

Despite those drawback, it works fine.

Remember to install the autofs package when using it trough wifi, you’ll not have to mount it manually everytime you connect to your network.

I’m using uNFS with my Mac and I have never had file corruption. How does that happen to you?

i don’t know where there is a bug.

i just saw that everytime my drobo was in power saving mode, a network access didn’t wake it up completely…

the 2 green lights became 1 green, and 1 red. indicate me that my second brand new drive was broken and need to be replaced.

after removing it, connect it to my computer, checked the SMART status, i saw that everything was alright. Anyway i asked for a replacement. the compagny were i bought it asked me to check the drive with seatools, and return it only if it report a pblm. and… you guess, there was no pblm on the drive.

i restarted my drobo from the beginning, copied all the file to computer, and back to the drobo and… it happen again.

then i decided to do a test, by just… removing the power saving mode. waiting 15 min and access the drive… nothing happen.
i enabled power saving mode… waited 15 min… accessed the drive and… green+red light appears.

so i decided to remove the power saving mode all the time. And it still work since 3 months, days & nights.

Perhaps there’s a pblm on ubuntu… but as uNFS is deprecated on debian and even has been removed. (see http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=599365 )

i guess the pblm is more with the lack of update on this app.

I don’t think that NFS will cause red lights on your drobo. uNFS is an userland process that sits on top of the filesystem, and that sits on top of the BeyondRAID technology.

To have a red light means that somehow your drive was detected as failed/failing by BeyondRAID. It could be something as simple as some sector on a critical place going bad.

Disclaimer: I’m not trying to push free advertising here, but have you tried Spinrite on that drive? That software has performed miracles for me on the past. I have no affiliation with that company, just a satisfied customer.

Was the red light blinking or solid red?

that’s not a drive pblm, or this would have happen again, since the time i use my drives… got 650gb of data now.

you’re using uNFS with your mac, i’m using uNFS with Ubuntu 10.10… perhaps the pblm is here. Perhaps something is not understood by uNFS, or the drobo, with ubuntu…
It’s difficult to know “who is wrong”, and most of the time, you begin to search with the one that is less updated, and in this case, it’s uNFS. But perhaps there’s something else ?

by the way, i’m using NFS between my 2 ubuntu computer and i’ve got no pblm.

it was a solid red light


you are not the only one using a Drobo FS with Linux :slight_smile: I just bought one a week ago. I’m using Ubuntu 10.10 like you.

I’m still testing the device. I haven’t testet uNFS yet. Actually I testet only the file transfer speed with uNFS but after the test i’ve unmounted the share. Next time I will let it mounted and tell you my experience.

I don’t think that uNFS can crash the “RAID-System” of the Drobo but it’s worth a test.

I will tell you tomorrow what happened.


I could not fine the “sleep” option you mentioned…

I guess it’s the “Disk Drive Spin Down” ?


No data corruption with Disk Drive Spin Down and NFS share still mounted. It spins down the hard drives nicely (no Windows environment) and when a new file is created the hard drives spin back on.

No data corruption when the DroboFS is shut down and NFS share still mounted. (Not a good thing to do but i got to test it :)).


Btw: I installed the Drobo Dashboard with wine 1.3.7. It starts. It detects the DroboFS. But it doesn’t stay logged in.