Windows XP and drobo with drives >2TB


I am using my Drobo 2nd generation with an old laptop with windows xp 32 bits. The Drobo drives are formatted to 2 tb.

I want to resizing the drives to 4tb each. Cound the windows xp read the new partions of 4 tb?. Thanks


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Ok, and in a network?

No, Windows XP is limited to 2tb or less partitions. It won’t
matter if you access from a network or not. That will be
determined as you set up the drobo and format the partitions
with the O/S. In short, you can not exceed the limitations of
the operating system being used. In this case Windows XP.

You have to get WinVista or Win7. Otherwise, everything larger than 2TB will be greyed out in the Drobo dash.

WinXP can’t operate with local discs that are >2TB, BUT WinXP can access large discs trough network share.
(WinXP has no support for GUID partition table needed for large disks, because classic MBR partition table has 2TB limit.)

My 4TB drobo is shared trough Win7 PC and I have no problems accessing it from other WinXP laptop. :slight_smile:

Yup, what Bytec said. The local OS doesn’t care about the filesystem on a remote share, it’s the remote computer’s responsibility to manage the filesystem there and move data back and forth.

So, XP and older cannot use local volumes that are >2TB.
You can install a >2TB disk, but you will only be able to use it if it is formatted MBR and therefore its usable capacity will be limited to 2TB anyway, so it’d be a waste.

My Drobos are connected to WHS (based on Server 2K3), and the storage pool appears as 32TB with over 10TB of actual storage. XP can access those shares fine.

After having used XP for years, unless you have an old, underpowered or low-memory machine, I highly recommend upgrading to Windows 7.

Does Vista 32bit have a limit?