Windows Sync Apps

I’m looking for an APP that will Sync files from my windows server to the drobo. What app can I use and can I schedule it to run several times a day?


If you mean a regular Windows program (not the DroboApp which lives in the DroboShare unit), there are tons of such available. I’ve chosen SyncBackSE from 2BrightSparks ( ). Although not free, it covered a feature set which suited me best at the time I was doing my research. But if you’re looking for basic functionality, you have a DroboCopy tool which is built right in the Drobo Dashboard application.


Thank you, i have not see the copy feature in the Dashboard. can you tell me how to get to it?

Right click on the pie icon in the task bar and click on Drobocopy Settings.

Awesome, Thank you.

I use ViceVersa Pro from TGMRN.