Windows Server 2008 R2?

We’ve had a lot of problems with the iscsi initiator in 2008 r1 sp2 and I thought I’d try it on a box with R2 rtm which features a brand new initiator cuz of win7. DroboPro mounts fine but dashboard doesn’t work at all. Just says Ready for Connection. Anyone got this to work? I tried the compatibility troubleshooter options but none of the older OS compatibility settings worked.

I’ve got it running mostly ok on 2K8 R2. I’ve made so many tweaks that I can’t reliably list what’s necessary, but I think I enabled iSCSI in the firewall and also DroboDashboard.exe bafore everything worked.

Thanks. At least i know i can get it to work. Our firewall is turned off…anything else glaring you can remember that got it to work?

32 or 64-bit W2K8 R2? So far we managed to connect to our Pro via iSCSI in Windows 7, WinXP, W2K3R2 32-bit & W2K8 32-bit (non R2) w/o any issues whatsoever. We even ran Symantec BEWS & Acronis ABR on our Pro for POC w/o any disconnection issues so far. Still trying to reserve a Dual-core Xeon or faster server for testing vSphere4 or simply ESXi 3.5.

rambo, I believe R2 is only available in 64-bit editions (x64 & ia64).

buzz, make sure to check Server Manager -> Services to see that you have “Microsoft iSCSI Initiator Service” running (change startup type to Automatic, I think that wasn’t the default.)

Currently running x64 R2 which was the only version available for download on technet.

Yup the iscsi initiator service was already set to automatic. I can see the drive for the drobopro in explorer but not in dashboard…it stays greyed out.

I had to manually logon to the iscsi session via the initiator in R2…that allowed the drive to mount in explorer. I guess I don’t need dashboard but it’d be nice to see status/notifications.

Anything else you can think of, per? Much appreciated for help given thus far.

Never mind…got it working!


apparently installed default only works if you used dhcp and not a static ip for your drobopro. Anyway…thanks guys!

Ok, glad you got it to work! I’ve used autoconfig IP addresses so far, should move to static so it’s good to know that some tricks are needed.