Windows Media Player


Drobo FS
Windows 7 Home Premium x64
Media Player 11

When I was using DHCP on the Drobo it would loose all links to the files in Media Player every couple of days. (even when the IP did not change)
Sometimes when I restarted the PC, the drive letter would change, again, all files lost in MP.

So I switches to a fixed IP , changed the drive letter to somewhere in the middle of the alfabet and all was well for like a month, today I started Media Player again, it seemed to crash and all files are no longer in MP.

So every time I need to throw away the map in MP and do an import all over again, no biggy, but having to wait 1 hour before they are all back is a bit long.

Anybody has same experience?
And yes I searched a lil’ bit :stuck_out_tongue:
First hardware I’ve ever owned that has this issue.[hr]
Mapping on name was not an option …