Windows 7 update screws up Drobo - keeps entering standby

There’s a similar thread, but it mentions a few issues, so I’m breaking this one out.

Background: I have been running Windows 7 Enterprise x64 RTM (and the RC’s before that) for several months now without issues on my Mac Mini (2009 edition). I’ve had my Drobo (2nd Gen) connected via FW800 that entire time using the ubCore Unibrain 5.62 drivers. The other day I ran Windows Update and took a series of updates + the big “stability & reliability” update that came out on 10/13. At this same time I also updated to the brand new Unibrain 5.63 drivers…

Problem: My Drobo keeps entering stand by (orange light) after a few minutes (while the computer is NOT sleeping) and Windows explorer starts to have major issues, forcing me to hold down the power button and power cycle the computer. Prior to these updates my Drobo would frequently spin down the hard drives, but the lights on the Drobo would always stay on and the drive was always available, the drives would just spin up when I went to access it. This going into standby is new…

What I’ve tried:

  • Checked to make sure I was running the most recent Drobo Dashboard & Firmware… I am (1.5.1 & 1.3.5).

  • I tried reverting (complete uninstall, reboot, reinstall of drivers) to the 5.62 Unibrain drivers… the problem still exists.

  • Checked the Drobo diagnostic logs… Aside from a warning about the clock being off after each reboot, there’s no errors in it or overheating failures.

  • I booted the Mac Mini up into Mac OSX (Snow Leopard) and the computer has been sitting idle for over 30 minutes and the Drobo is NOT in standby (front lights all on).

Other things I COULD try:

  • Switch to USB 2.0 and see if the problem still exists

  • Try and uninstall the windows updates

The latest Windows Update has screwed something up. I have the same Drobo connected to the same port on the same computer and if I boot into Mac OS X it’s fine, if I boot into Windows it enters standby after a few minutes of inactivity.

…anyone else having problems? I really hope there’s a solution, this is a real burn.


Thanks dmbfan36-23

As I said in the other thread, I didn’t experience any of that. I’m using an Intel DG965WH motherboard equipped with FW400 controller only so I didn’t install ubCore drivers as I assumed it’s not needed for FW400 as long as everything works fine. So I guess there’s strong possibility that this issue occurs only while using ubCore drivers. Or maybe with some FW controllers only.


The headaches continue… I have had it up and running on USB just fine but “chkdsk /f” found issues. Right now it keeps hanging when trying to reconnect orphaned files with original directories. I’ve also noticed that I now have empty directories on my drobo… all the files in them are gone! There are no warnings on the drobo… no red lights… no errors… Chkdsk keeps hanging on 1 folder. I tried running Arax Disk Doctor and after 6 days it found a 149 GB partition, however I can clearly see and access more data than that.

I was wrong… My unit does too enter “orange” standby after some inactivity, but only when the Dashboard is not running. I’ve stopped it while trying to isolate the cause of the drives not spining down at all. Anyway, I’m starting a new thread in the “Dashboard” subforum…

@dmbfan36-23 – I don’t want to “blame the victim”, but can you point to a page that says Drobo is yet supported under Win 7? The product only was released on 10/22, less than a week ago.

@Switcher - This is not a Windows 7 issue…

Here’s an update… it appears that the patch did NOT screw the Drobo up. Best I can tell, my FW800 port on the Drobo is bad which has led to the disconnects. As a result of the disconnects I ended up with file system corruption (at least that’s my best guess as to why I have the corruption) which compounded my problems. The update is merely coincidence because I had to disconnect & reconnect the drive during the update. Given that the port was sketchy and the cable had some “play” in it, it just ended up in this standby state. I switched to USB 2 and eventually the 2nd FW800 cable and my stand by issues went away. I called and opened a support case last night and am awaiting word back from the RMA department, my hope is that they’ll replace my Drobo due to the bad FW800 port.

As far as my data goes… 2 weeks of hell has not recovered anything :-/ – oh well, I’ll get over it…

I’ve found that stiff firewire cables can cause intermittant or partial electrical disconnects at the connectors due to stress.

I’ve replaced all my FW800 cables with flexible orange flat cables from LaCie https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001NXDQ9U/ref=oss_T15_product and my problems have disappeared .


We are sorry you are experiencing this problem. We have found that FireWire is working inconsistently with Windows 7 in general, not specific to DRI products. This is due to a number of factors, such as your specific computer-FireWire hardware combination and drivers. This shows up as inconsistent connections, failure to complete formatting, etc. Until this problem is resolved, we recommend using the USB connection or the iSCSI connection (DroboPro only). Data Robotics, Inc. can only support USB and iSCSI connections to a Windows 7 computer until the issue is resolved.