Windows 7 - System driver change hurts Drobo?

I’ve noticed one particular type of Windows 7 behavior. I am using the final RTM version with the ubCore firewire 800 drivers on the SIIG card. I’ve noticed when I update any other driver on the system (video, network card, etc), once in a while the Drobo will experience a problem and begin flashing Green/Orange, alerting me that the Drobo cannot protect my data.

The first time this happened was when I updated my nVidia 8800gt graphics card. It reported one of my two 1-tb hard drives that it had died, and would not accept the drive again until I performed a “reset” with only the affected drive in it, and rebuilt the index. It has been working fine ever since, but a bit of a hassle,

The second time this happened was when I updated my network card drivers through Windows update. Both drives were seen rebuilding itself and Drobo said it could not protect my data. This time, fortunately, everything went back to green after a minute or so.

I’m not sure what the problem might be. It could be Windows 7, the Unibrain drivers, or the firmware in the Drobo/version of the Drobo Dashboard. At least for now, I’m going to refrain from installing drivers while the Drobo is powered on, but its not a long-term solution. No doubt I’m going to forget one day, and that could be the time when the Drobo reports all my drives dead. Then I’m screwed.

Thought I’d share this here, and see if anyone else is aware of such behavior.