Windows 7 Safe Mode will not work with 1.6.6 & 1.6.7

Problem caused by DDService.exe in Windows 7.
I have experienced the following problem in 2 computers running both versions 1.6.6 and 1.6.7 of Drobo Dashboard. In these versions Data Robotics added DDSystem.exe. I have found that if I use msconfig to disable “Drobo Dashboard Service” my problem disappears.

When I allow “Drobo Dashboard Service” to run normally I experience the following problem:

When I try to run Windows 7 in a “Safe Mode” I see the text scroll on the screen as Windows loads the services. This completes and I get a graphics screen. At this point one of three things can happen:
[1] A password screen will come up. If I do not enter the password, within about 7 seconds the password screen will go off and my machine will cycle into the start up sequence again. If I press f8 during this and select a Safe Mode again the whole cycle will repeat.
[2] A password screen will come up. If I get my password typed in within the 7 seconds and press enter the machine will cycle into the start up sequence as described above.
[3] If I remove the password requirement from my machine, the machine will not show a password screen. However, it will cycle through to the start sequence just as described above.

I worked with Microsoft’s tech group to find the source of the problem. In the process I disabled everything possible in the hardware, video, audio, & external devices with no change in the symptoms. The only thing that would clear up the problem and let me use a Safe Mode start was to use msconfig to disable Drobo Dashboard Service – which is apparently DDService.exe.

Is this only when trying to enter safe mode on the computer?