Windows 7 official firmware/drivers?

With Windows 7 being officially released tomorrow, does anyone know if Drobo has or will or their plans for releasing a “blessed” Windows 7 firmware update?

Seems there are many folks here who are having a lot of issues with Drobo and this OS.

I’m using Win7 Enterprise, both at home & at work, and have Drobo v2 & DroboPro, connected via USB 2.0 & iSCSI w/o having a lot of issues except iSCSI MPIO. Btw, I’m using 1.5.1 Daskboard & 1.1.3 firmware. We also have WinXP Pro, Vista 32/64-bit clients connected to 2 of our Drobo units via the Share - so far, so good!

Not sure if you are meaning USB, Firewire, or iSCSI. USB 2.0 should not need any driver updates on 7. Firewire800 drivers are provided by Unibrain and have recently been updated to be compatible with 7. iSCSI is developed by Microsoft … the makers of 7.