Windows 7 driving me nuts

We just bought a new PC which runs Windows 7. This machine replaces an older XP machine that ran just fine but slow. Also on the network is a PC laptop, a Mac laptop, an iMac and a couple of Mac Minis. All of them can see and use Drobo except Windows 7. This machine is used by my wife for Flash development, the Drobo is an essential component. We have contacted HP (it is an HP machine) and they could not help, telling me that Windows 7 is new and they are still collecting data. Here’s the thing: I can ping the Drobo from the Console window. The Norton utility that came with the machine maps out the network and sees the Drobo fine, sees its name and type; no problem. Windows 7 can see other network devices, but it cannot see the Drobo. I have searched and mounted using the \blather format, using the IP as well as the device name, which I know the machine can see as Norton shows it. But it never appears, it cannot be seen.

I have no problem with ANY other device, just Windows 7. If anyone has any ideas I will be extremely glad to hear them for I fear I am at a dead end and simply do not know what to do.

thanks - Lawrence

Which PC is ur Drobo connected to? via the USB or FireWire 800 interface. If the Drobo is connected to ur Win7 via USB, did U install Drobo Dashboard?

So it sounds like Win7 is blocking the traffic sharing might be off - it’s off by default, or it’s in the wrong network “type” (Home is a good starting point).

Might be something simple like the Win7 machine, being new, isn’t in the same workgroup as the Drobo-sharing machine.

I was able to use Drobo Dashboard, when I disabled the firewall, however when I re-enabled it. Drobo Dashboard cannot connect.

I have added drobodashboard.exe as an exception to the firewall rules, however this did not solve anything.

I also changed the workgroup to the same workgroup as the Drobo… not sure what else I can do

Does anyone have any ideas ?

I posted this question also over in the Drobo forum. The Drobo uses Droboshare and is accessed by two other PCs, running XP, not a problem. It is also access by three Macs, no problem.

I confess I have no understanding of what “Network type” or Workgroup means to Windows 7 when access something like a NAS, the NAS is a simple SMB device. The PC says it is the “Local Network.” I have disabled ALL security and it cannot be seen.

We are quite frantic, access to the NAS is essential and HP seem to be unable to help. They say that the protocol Windows 7 runs is NTLMv2 and that the Drobo needs NTLM (I presume that means v1). Also HP says if I backup to XP I void the warranty. I am thinking we need to return this machine and get something that runs XP.

Would the Drobo Dashboard help? I cannot see it being any help on the PC.

Thanks - Lawrence