Windows 7 cannot see Drobo

We purchased a new PC a few weeks back to replace an old XP machine. We have configured the new machine and it works in all respects except it cannot see the Drobo. HP, which made the machine, says it need to use NTLM (I guess that means version 1) instead of NTLMv2, but after a great deal of hassle trying to get to the policy manager it now turns out that the Windows 7 Home Edition which came with the machine will not allow the user to change policy. This seems like the stuff nightmares are made of, too incredible or words.

Anyway, all attempts to see the Drobo have failed. I can ping it just fine. The Norton stuff can see it as well as the rest of the network, no problem. Windows 7 cannot see it at all. I have disabled ALL security and still it cannot be seen. My other PCs all running XP have no problem, the Macs have no problem.

Can anyone suggest a solution please - we are truly getting frantic. We have hundreds of hours in this machine now and it is essential that it can access the Drobo.

Thanks - Lawrence

Win 7 Home Premium?
IIRC, I had connection betwene DroboShare and Win7 Home Premium.

Make sure they’re part of the same workgroup.

Can the Win 7 machine see shares on other Windows machines?