Windows 7 and Firewire 800 throughput

I’ve got a V2 Drobo, and a new Windows 7 computer with one of Data Robotics recommended FW 800 cards (the Belkin). I’m using the latest Unibrain drivers.

After working through the dashboard issues (the new 1.6.1 now works with Win 7) I’m still only getting write speeds in the sub-20 Mbps range, which is half of what the folks at Drobo said was a reasonable expectation. The same thing has happened on two different Drobos. Chkdsk is clean, and the diagnostic file I sent in showed no problems.

Is anyone getting a 40-45 Mbps read with Windows 7 on FW 800? Did it take anything special to get this to happen?

That’s about what I get on a Macbook Pro (about 20 MB/sec) - have you ever gotten 40 MB/sec on any platform?

Me too.
Actually, Drobo v2 is so slow that I doubt FW800 makes any improvement over FW400, which is a pity.
The limited tests I did on my Mac Mini did not show any measurable improvement when I downgraded the FW800 connection to FW400 thru an intermediate FW400 hub.
No idea if it still the same with Drobo Pro.

We are sorry you are experiencing this problem. We have found that FireWire is working inconsistently with Windows 7 in general, not specific to DRI products. This is due to a number of factors, such as your specific computer-FireWire hardware combination and drivers. This shows up as inconsistent connections, failure to complete formatting, etc. Until this problem is resolved, we recommend using the USB connection or the iSCSI connection (DroboPro only). Data Robotics, Inc. can only support USB and iSCSI connections to a Windows 7 computer until the issue is resolved.

Agreed, Drobo is just slow. FW makes little or not difference and given the issues with it on Windows, just use USB, you’re missing nothing…

I’m about to sell my computer so am using a Drobo to migrate data and even though its connected via FW800 to a Mac Pro, the throughput is depressingly slow.