Windows 10

Are you going to be update the drobo software for windows 10?
After the upgrade my drobo just disconnects and doesnt show up unless I reconnect it like 10 times. After about a half hour it just disconnects.

I am also having problems with it not working at all on windows 10…

i think some of the very latest operating systems or el capitan betas etc, will have a few teething issues, and might seem a bit flimzy :slight_smile:

but jokes aside, if you have some more info about your current settup, drives, versions, connection methods, etc and we can see if theres a way to help.

mattsurratt & flimzy,
We tested the current Drobo product line with Windows 10, everything works fine. We are very interested to know more about the issue you are experiencing. Would you let us know, and let us know if you also have a support case number. Thank You.

mattsurratt & flimzy,
We would like to know more about the issue you are experiencing. If you still have a problem would you let us know the following:

  • Which Product you have
  • A full description of the problem
  • If you have a support case number, please let me know.

Thank You.

After installing Windows 10, my Drobo 5N shares do not show in Windows 10. The shares still appear on all my Windows 7 and Macs. If I create a new share through the Drobo interface, I can get access to the Drobo files. Upon reboot, the shares are no longer accessible. I wrote a trouble ticket under this id back in late August or early September. Shortly afterwards, I reinstalled Windows 7 over Windows 10. There is also a Windows TSR program that runs almost continuously when Win 10 is up, and the Drobo is connected. I can’t remember the name, but it was identified in the same trouble ticket.