Win7 Support?

Now that Windows 7 has been released I can ask – does the latest Drobo Dashboard support being installed in Windows 7 x64?

I can’t comment on ‘support’ but I’m running the following on Win7 x64, build 7100 over USB 2.0 with no issues so far.

Drobo Dashboard 1.5.1 [1.5.20000]
Drobo Firmware 1.3.0 [1.248.15408]

(I did try the version on the CD - but that wouldn’t initialize the array. Check for updates pulled down the version you see above - and that’s been fine so far…)

I agree with andybryant, it seems to run fine on Windows 7 x64.

Been running Win 7 x64 since the Beta got a driver for my ATI card (May or thereabouts)

Bought my Drobo v2 in July, installed the Dashboard and it’s been smooth sailing ever since. Been through two updates and a Droboshare firmware update. Nary a problem. I only wish it was faster (that’s a problem due to my non-Gigabit network and that I access it via a Droboshare). :slight_smile:



Just an FYI from the MicroSoft website:
Windows 7 is on its way to manufacturers, and will be available on October 22.

It will be fully supported when it is officially released by Microsoft.

Anyone else having shutdown/disconnection issues on windows 7. I recently upgraded from xp to win7.

I am using firmware 1.3.0, dashboard 1.5.1 - drobo v1 on usb 2

every couple of hours it just disconnects. I had something similiar before and Drobo sent me a new psu


Not here. Mine seems fine. Dashboard 1.5.1, Firmware 1.3.3.

mine works great here too.
Win7 64 bit

Yesterday I installed the RTM version of Win 7 x64 on VMWare on my Mac Pro.

So far, I haven’t been able to get Win 7 to “see” my DroboPro, which is directly connected via iSCSI to the second ethernet port. I don’t know whether this is a problem with Win 7, or with VMWare, but it doesn’t seem to support two network interfaces.

Has anyone else seen, and hopefully solve, this problem?

Since the iSCSI performance seems very erratic in any case, I think I’ll try FW800 tonight.