Win7 no longer sees Drobo after firmware update

What gives?? My Mac still sees it just fine…

I am seeing a similar problem with Win 7 after applying Service Pack 1.

Also Drobo Dashboard will just lose connections to the drive, yet the Windows client can still see and write to drives.

If we reboot the Win 7 client, Drobo is once again visible and Dashboard works.

This is Win 7 64 bit.

Unfortunately, for me rebooting (client or server) doesn’t do it.

I am so fed up with Drobo. Seriously thinking of returning this POS. Especially since the Synology 1511+ is on the market. The ONLY reason why I liked Drobo better (prior to the arrival of 1511+) is the looks but I would NEVER recommend it to anyone.

Btw, where is the help from Drobo’s administrators on this forum??

I do understand that people who do not have a problem never post on the forums, however after reading these posts and seeing user comments posted after reviews like CNET, I am wondering if there is something to these complaints about Drobo reliability and support.

I notice that we haven’t seen any official comments in here in quite some time, although all we got after Jennifer left was “open a support ticket”.

I’m stuck with mine, so I’ll use it until it dies (and always have a backup), but I will never purchase anything from DRI again.