WIN7 - iSCSI and settings?

If this is already answered somewhere please feel free to link to it as I cannot seem to find it…

Is there a listing of all correct settings to get iSCSI to work properly on WIN7

I have set it up - it was working at least once and now it will not see the DroboPro or start it up at all.

I know the the iSCSI initiator is now built into WIN7 but I am assuming there are specific settings that need to be corrected.

I also verified the windows firewall is set to allow dashboard - as least as far as i can tell.

Any ideas?

Ok solve this with my infinate wisdom of actually taking a few minutes to really study the windows firewall advanced settings…

Let’s just say that what says Drobo and Drobo Service is not really Drobo Dashboard related and that will also need to be manually added…

That said it would be great to see a screen shot or two posted to to what specific windows FW settings need to be in place… I seem to have many that were added yet none of them actually allowed the dashboard to gain access.

Scratch the above… this problem is now reoccuring. I have now gone away from my integrated ethernet and onto a new card just in case.

Now I see intermitent startup.

Here is the catch - if I remove the LAN cable from the Drobo and plug it back in it will wake up and come to life.

Is that a setting on the computer side or is it simply the Drobo not waking on LAN?

Anyone happen to know?

Please open a support case so we can investigate the issue.

Already Done…