win7 batch file to launch multiple programs in one go inc drobo and admin?

hi guys,
i have some programs / files on the computer or drobo, which i usually open or launch at the same time to be able to switch between them etc.

do you know how i can make a batch file, ideally for win7 64bit, which can launch them all together
and launch some as admin.

so far, the best i can do is to make a desktop folder, and paste shortcuts to them, and then open each one in turn, or right-click and say run as admin for some of them, but it’s a bit tedious :slight_smile:

sometimes i seem to be able to select a bunch of them, and launch with enter, but other times only 1 of the selected items actually opens, so im not quite sure what im doing wrong, and thought maybe i can just paste in the exact paths into a command line text fille and just run it as a .bat file? :slight_smile:

any help or info will be useful


If you just stick the filepaths into a .BAT file, it will run the first program then wait for it to exit before running the next application.

To get it to launch the program then continue on to launch the next command, add

START "Window title that you'll likely never see" 

in front of each line.

For example

start "Launch Paint" "%windir%\system32\mspaint.exe"
start "Launch Notepad" "%windir%\notepad.exe"
start "Launch Character Map" "%windir%\system32\charmap.exe"
start "Launch Calculator" "%windir%\system32\calc.exe"

I never figured out how to force elevate (run as administrator) from the command prompt though.
It should run in the context the launching batch file is in, so if the batch file is Run as Administrator then spawned processes should also.

thanks brandon this looks promising - i just tried it on those 4 as a test, and it worked :slight_smile:

i’ll fill out a proper bat file with actual paths and see how it goes :slight_smile:

looks perfect so far :slight_smile: thanks bhiga

You’re welcome. I’m old-school and try to minimize dependencies whenever possible. I currently have a batch + VBScript combination to launch (mainly because I need to look for a window and wait until it goes away, which can’t easily/natively be done in DOS/CMD).