Will Intel 530 mSATA 80Gb Work as Cache disk?

Will Intel 530 mSATA 80Gb Work as Cache disk?

It may “work”, but it’s not supported or recommended.

This is stated very clearly in the knowledge base (in the very top two articles when you click on knowledge base!!!):




Cool, thanks. I just ordered an Intel 525 60Gb instead.

That one will also not work.

Did you even look at the two knowledge based articles i linked?!

In this article Drobo states the Intel 525 SSD is compatible:

Well I’m stumped.

The 525 is a sandforce based SSD, and they say Sandforce based SSDs are not compatible:


I have had an Intel 525 in my 5D since day one.

The original problems with the SandForce chip were the way it handled incompressible data and the way it obeyed the SATA FlushCache command (E7h).

Current version of SF firmware have resolved those issues.

Drobo support has stated that when you insert a mSATA drive, it is subjected to a series of validation tests by the Drobo. If it passes, the status is green/good.

I switched from a Crucial msata SSD to a Intel 525 after the Crucial SSD malfunctioned. That was several months ago and the Intel SSD has been working without problem in my 5D.

No problems with the Intel 525. Now my only issue is getting the unit connect with thunderbolt