Will Gen 2 Drobo work with WD MyCLoud?

I have a Gen 2 Drobo that I would like to plug in to a WD MyCloud NAS. I’d like to use the Drobo to backup the MyCloud using its Safepoints feature (essentially it creates snapshots). Does anyone know if this will work?

hi bergo,
at first glance, it looks as though the safepoints can use a usb, or a networked location, and one of the wdc info pages looks like another network location can be used (or mapped to) for safepoints, for example here:

but im not sure about how it would work with a drobo (especially one that might already be having data on it)
they didnt seem to have any examples of using a usb device but i would only try it if your drobo was setup and working (but empty) or only to try it after making a backup of your data first, at least at this stage.[hr]
‘if’ it did work, then it might be good to only use the drobo exclusively with the wd device, and for the drobo to have more than the maximum limit of the wd device (to help against overfilling), and probably at least 6% more usable space, (to help against slowdown around the 95% full mark, where a solid red light would also usually come on to indicate this)