Will DR release the Modes sense location on eSata?

I’m assuming the dashboard works just fine over eSata for the windows/mac world(I’ve only tested it on usb). However the community supported linux version doesn’t work over eSata. This is because the location for the status/config/etc information has changed. With USB it’s on a vendor specific mode page(and corresponding sub pages), with eSata it does not appear to be on the same mode pages as USB.

Without this information it’s quite hard to manage a Drobo S in linux. In effect we have to choose between managing the Drobo S(using USB) or it performing well(using eSata).

Considering this information shouldn’t be proprietary and you already released it for the USB interface, can we get the location and format of the config/status/etc data that eSata uses like what you gave for USB here?


Then adapting the linux dashboard like tool will be straight forward to manage our Drobo S’s over eSata.

If you haven’t already, pop into the Developer section. If you don’t have access to that section, PM Jennifer and ask for access.

Yup I’ve seen the Dev Section, it’s interesting but mostly focused on app dev, maybe when I have free time I’ll consider it but that could be a while given the workload.

Any update on if DR will provide the details to enable us to manage the Drobo S over esata ? If you intend to make linux support non beta at some point and release your own drobo dashboard that’s even more ideal, but right now management on linux is a big concern over esata.

Right now we have a number of Gen2 drobo’s but only a single Drobo S, I would like to get more, but the management concern is an issue.

I’m sure I could scrounge up a sata analyzer if I had to and figure out the protocol, but that requires time which I don’t have alot of(hence why it took me three weeks to check back). This shouldn’t be hard to release since all we need is to know which mode pages to query.

Do we think this information will be released?