Will Dashboard 2.8.1 work with my Drobo-S?

I am running Dashboard 2.6.4 with my Drobo-S (firmware 2.1.5).

I’m getting update notices for Dashboard 2.8.1.

Will that version work with my Drobo-S?

If so, do I just install over the existing dashboard or do I have to de-install 2.6.4 and then install 2.8.1?

Should the Drobo-S unit be powered up and connected during the dashboard upgrade?


Sailor Guy

Yes, the latest Dashboard will work with Drobo S. You don’t need to do anything with your Drobo in order to upgrade Dashboard.



this is great to see jasonob, ive got a drobo-s as well :slight_smile:
(ive always felt that dashboard should always recognise all drobo models if it didnt already so this is cool news)