Why no disk recovery app? - Mac

I’m speaking out of frustration now (on the Mac side) so please excuse me but why a company does not come up with some kind of OFFICIAL disk recovery app either as a download or bundled with Dashboard, I don’t know. When there is directory corruption it’s likely that Disk Utility will not fix it. So just telling people to go use Diskwarrior is kind of a copout for a product on this level…To go through all the steps and have tech support tell me to go use Disk Warrior…well very frustrating…AND I still don’t have my data back!

I feel your pain. Ironically, that’s why I bought Drobo - to keep my stuff safe. I support your suggestion. Either they provide a utility to download, or a way for users who are under warranty or Drobocare to have one free recovery session. Meaning, you send your entire Drobo with disks to them and they recover your data onto a seperate disk that you’d also throw in… They send back the data they find on that seperate disk, along with a wiped and perfectly working Drobo.

…just a thought.

Well, I’m happy to report that I recovered my drive with Diskwarrior 4.2. It took several tries. And NOW as soon as I mounted the recovered drive I copied EVERYTHING to another backup drive…I’m not allowing Drobo to be the sole destination for my materials ever. I WAS only backing up once a month but I will start doing a daily backup…it’s the only prudent thing to do…

@rpalagy - what happened? What was the course of events that lead to your needing Diskwarrior?

when I add a new drive, my drobo make some error, and I can not use it on mac. I try repair and nothing. I need go back to pc, use a software to read HFS+ and copy to another drive. I bought Drobo to save my data, and Drobo lost it… this is stupid!!!

What was the error message?
What did disk repair say?

Have you opened a support case?

yes I agree. If the drobo fails and support says you need a recovery app to get your data back then the least they could do is provide a copy of diskwarrior, data rescue or file salvage. I had this occur 2-3 times in the past where osx wouldn’t mount the partition anymore or couldn’t see it or it was seen as “unknown”. All we’re bugs with the drobo unit or in the drobo dashboard software. Support essentially said “your SOL, use a data rescue app and reformat your drobo”. Luckily in all 3 instances my data was easy to recover. Frustrating none the less.

All very valid points. Since my last post, I still feel that Drobo should be more involved with a recovery session. It’s one thing to think about when I am ready to upgrade to another device.

Drobo should be proactive on the communication/prevention front. Many of the issues I see on the forum could have been avoided by drobo sending out emails to customers saying “there is a bug in the current drobo dashboard software, please roll back to a previous version” or “don’t upgrade to 10.5.x or windows patch x because it causes a bug with our dashboard and makes partitions disappear”. Emailing the newest knowledge base articles to people as a newsletter would also go a long way.

I’m sympathetic as I’ve had a non-Drobo system with a data corrupting bug destroy a bunch of data.

There will always be bugs, multiple failures, or other issues that result in data loss in any redundant disk system. 1 in a million chance failures happen every day to someone.

[u]Be prepared.[/u]

If your data is important have a backup run as frequently as you need to be comfortable with losing the data between backups.

Demanding Drobo provide you free software because you failed to plan properly is… wow, I can’t think of anything to say.