Why is the activity light Hidden on the Drobopro?

Why does the magnetic front panel hide the activity light on the DroboPro?

Does Drobo offer a front panel that shows the activity light like the utilization LED’s do?

This is silly.

because most people dont sit there looking at their drobo so its not necessary


Seems pretty lame to put a unit that’s intended to attach to a workstation for some and then create a status light.

And then cover it.

I have two drobo-fs drives that are intended to be on the network and they show the light.

Makes no sense to me.

its also probably far more distracting in your peripheral vision than the other solid lights

Drobo v1, v2 and Drobo Pro all hid the activity light. The activity light didn’t become visible using Drobo FS and Drobo S.
If I ever get enough-know-how, I might construct a light pipe for it.

The cover is off on my older Drobo v2’s, just for that reason, to see the activity light during large file transfers or issues during I/O’s, or what may seem like inordinate long pause.

I will tell you that I’m not the only one, a couple of my fellow photographers also operate w/o the front cover, and welcomed the FS and S front panel.

-= Chris =-

its good to be able to see the lights,
i also like the dim lights feature :slight_smile:

only tricky thing with the s so far is getting your fingers stuck when you want to try and take off or put the cover back on :slight_smile: but that could be by design to stop people getting to the disks by mistake[hr]
(smilie faces disabled?) :smiley:

+1 on the now visible activity light on my Drobo S. Why they hid the light on the earlier unit is beyond my imagination :-). But to their credit they fixed it :slight_smile:

Paul- consider stuck fingers an atypical user error :-). (seriously- never had that problem but finger sizes vary, I guess)

I pull up from the bottom raised edge (not the very bottom of the cover) on my S, and haven’t had stuck fingers so far. :slight_smile:
Then again, I have fat fingers…

ok guys i’ll keep trying lol :slight_smile: