Why is DroboFS sometimes invisible in Networks in Vista/7?

On my systems running Windows Vista and Windows 7, under Networks, often (but not always) the DroboFS will NOT appear (or been seen appearing) as a machine. However, if I directly enter the network address, I would still be able to contact to the DroboFS. After that, it will appear under Networks if I refresh the page, but it will again disappear after a while.

The DroboFS is connected an unmanaged Linksys switch. I have tried connecting it directly to a Linksys router, but it behaves the same. Software firewalls are all off.

Can someone please tell me how to fix this?

Note: I don’t have the Drobo Dashboard running in the background. I use it ONLY to set up the DroboFS. I strongly prefer NOT to have it running all the time.

Drobo Dashboard shouldn’t be necessary to just use shares.

Is the FS in the same workgroup as the Vista and Win 7 machines?

Yes, all standard setup, no trick. Same workgroup in all machines.

Like I said before, if I directly enter the address into the explorer bar, I can reach the drive. It is just that, when I open up Networks in Vista or Win7, the DroboFS does not show up immediately, whereas all the other machines (including my networked printer) will show up as devices.

I don’t trust the network view since I come from days before such a thing existed, heh.

That said, I think the network view uses UPnP to identify the other devices, and then guesses beyond that.
If FS doesn’t support UPnP then Windows won’t be able to guess at the device type until you access it.

How do you suggest that I can check this? I thought Drobo, for such an advance device, would support uPnP?

Not sure to be honest. As long as you can connect to it as needed I wouldn’t worry about the Vista/7 network view.

I learned more about the Vista/7 network view. Apparently it relies on having an LLTD responder at the other end. Which FS likely does not have. So when a share is accessed Vista/7 “knows” about the device and shows it, until some timeout period expires and the device disappears again.

It seems you can make XP machines and Server 2K3 machines (like WHS) install an LLTD responder, as they don’t have on by default, but I have no clue how or if it can be enabled on Drobo FS.

I have the same problem and I’ve been wondering about this myself. I use network to view all the shares I’ve made too.

I just map a network drive to my share by hand (not by using the dashboard !) That way it always shows up.

btw i seem to remember some kind of utility that was on grc.com about detecting (and enabling/disable) features like dnla or upnp etc. (i think it was more about giving people a way to disable potentially insecure settings on a computer, but might give you some good into about your current status.

I installed the LLTD responder of my WHS machine and now my WHS machine appears on the Network View, but the majority of my devices are not recognized in the Win 7 Network View