Why install mSATA before main drives?

The user guide says “It is best to install the mSATA SSD before inserting drives into the Drobo 5N’s drive bays.” Why is that? I have an mSATA SSD on order but I’d like to set up my Drobo now and add the SSD when it arrives. Is there a disadvantage to adding an mSATA SSD to a Drobo that already has drives and data on it?


I don’t think it really matters. I installed a mSATA in my 5N after the drives were installed with no issues. Just make sure the Drobo is OFF when you do it, obviously.

Crazy reason…

The Drobo must be turned upside down to access the mSATA bay.

The backplane isn’t designed for the weight of drives when the unit is upside down.

If you had an existing diskpack in the unit that worked it’s way loose while you were flipping the Drobo and then back, it could result in a rebuild or dataloss if it was more than one drive.