Why drobo is named "TRUSTED Mass Storage 2.00"

When I connect my drobo v2 via USB then it identifies itself as
“TRUSTED Mass Storage 2.00”

Why so?

just a name, nothing more

Looks like developers took some default USB driver software and didn’t fill out appropriate info fields according to their product. :frowning:

why??? if anything it looks like they changed the identifier from the default which is surely “USB mass storage” and added TRUSTED

Somewhere online I read that there used to be a storage company called TRUSTED that somehow morphed into DRI, but I can’t find the reference now, so not sure if that is true or not.

[EDIT] Found the links… No conspiracy or ignorance here, just a name…

Its a bit of history. The company’s original name was Trusted Data Inc. The USB docs were issued to that name.