why does my share disappear

I am a new Drobo FS customer (please be gentle :-)). I have the latest firmware and Dashboard. Running windows 7 64. Everything has been going fine… however, i noticed all my shares disappeared from the network screen within win 7 after about 5 hours. The mounted windows drive links still work, but, the drobo device shares have disappeared from the network neighborhood discovery area. I also noticed this happens when you place the computer into sleep mode.

I recovered after a restart. Should i be worried?


Bump, I have encountered this problem aswell. Suddenly my FS isn’t shown in my Windows 7 networks area. It connects fine with the mount from Drobo Dashboard and is detectable by my XBMC HTPC but I just can’t get a windows machine to find it. Any help would be appreciated guys!

Edit: Okay no matter what I do now the drobo is NOT showing under the networks section in windows. I cannot even see it on my linux box under SMB! If I have drobo dashboard installed it mounts the share just fine but not under windows networks! What the heck is going on I tried to restart, shut down, giving it a static ip, etc nothing seems to work.

Edit: Now here is something that makes this situation even weirder. Its not visible under windows networks still but when I type “\DROBO-FS” in the address bar it opens it up just fine. What the heck is going on here?

Sounds normal to me. Drobo FS/DroboShare do not have an LLTD responder client, which is what Win7/Vista’s network map relies on to generate the map.

So, when you connect to a share either manually or via a mapped drive letter, it says “Hey, there’s a connection there, okay, I’ll stick it in the map.” But after you stop using the connection, it times out and is disconnected, then it disappears from the map.

Here’s another post that discusses the LLTD responder for XP. It doesn’t help Drobo, though.

There is a DroboShare Feature Request for an LLTD responder though.

Weird, the problem is I never experienced this before and as far as I know it was always under the Network section of windows. I guess I can live with just creating a shortcut to it on the desktop.

Interesting that it’s a new problem that’s cropped up. I wonder if Drobo Dashboard does some kind of magic (or keepalive) when it mounts the share with a drive letter?

I am not sure, what I do know is that before all my computers could see the device under networks, now I have to manually create a network link with the path I posted above for it to work. I mean its not a hassle I am fine with it, it just seems weird that it would stop displaying out of the blue.